Train Like Newton

Train Like Newton

Dr. Ben Newton is board certified in Family Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, he now practices at Stem Cell Arts in the Washington area. He is one of Regenexx Cayman’s thirteen visiting interventional orthopedic specialists, and a six-time Ironman. 

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Dr. Newton discovered triathlons as a teenager watching the annual Ironman race in Kona, Hawaii. From then on, the full distance Ironman lingered as the ultimate endurance challenge.

After years of running marathons, Dr. Newton attempted his first triathlon in Pueblo, Colorado, in 2013. Not being a swimmer, and having never been clipped into a road bike, Dr. Newton is the first to admit the learning curve was steep. Despite months of preparation, his adrenaline was pumping, and Dr. Newton went out too hard and too fast. That first race taught him the valuable lesson of proper pacing for energy conservation.

With a busy clinical schedule, and young kids, Dr. Newton still manages to train and compete in five to six triathlon races of international, half Ironman, or Ironman distances every year. Nutritional balance and training moderation are the key components of his success.

Nutrition Notes:

Dr. Newton maintains a well-balanced diet and does not smoke or drink. His go-to snacks for staying fueled throughout the day are fig bars, plant-based protein shakes, or good, old-fashioned vegetables. He enjoys reading nutritional books and is currently in the middle of “The Calorie Myth” by Jonathan Bailor.

Training Tips:

The placebo effect is essentially a positive health outcome triggered by a patient’s anticipation that a preDr. Newton’s training routine is minimalist. He does not train more than nine to ten hours a week. He plans five, 45-minute to 2-hour sessions a week, early in the morning or once his kids are asleep in the evening. He incorporates strength training, running (road, trail, and treadmill), cycling (mostly indoors), and swimming (pool laps).

Dr. Newton sees the risks of overtraining in his patients firsthand and believes less is more when it comes to race preparation. Often athletes present with nutrition and hydration deficiencies, mental fatigue, and musculoskeletal injuries from overuse, even before they have crossed the starting line.

As an athlete and sports physician Dr. Newton continues to be interested in understanding the anatomy of acute and chronic injuries, and how to use a patient’s own body to heal itself. Dr. Newton believes that too many active adults are having surgery without understanding the long-term consequences or risks.


If you are interested in booking a consultation with Dr. Newton, please contact us and the Regenexx Cayman patient care coordinators will be happy to assist you.

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