From our cultured stem cell treatment to our sun-soaked shores, Regenexx Cayman continues to be a top choice for patients around the world. Here are the top 10 reasons patients continue to choose Regenexx Cayman over other orthopaedic stem cell providers.

1. Receive a high dose of stem cells: Regenexx-C provides up to 1,000x more stem cells than U.S. procedures. Stem cells are your body’s repairmen, so with our cultured stem cell therapy, patients receive more cells to boost their body’s natural healing ability. More cells = more healing power! Patients would have to undergo up to 1,000 BMAs in the U.S. to achieve a similar cell count to Regenexx-C.

2. Inject multiple joints simultaneously: Because of the high cell yields, our patients usually have 3-4 areas treated at the same time. One patient had 11 sites treated at once! Cultured stem cells are less inflammatory, so recovery is often a bit easier than same-day procedures in the U.S. (even after treating multiple joints). 

3. Treat severe orthopedic conditions: Patients with severe joint issues are choosing Regenexx-C over same-day treatment or PRP. Why? This cultured procedure provides more critical repair cells, which can be used to treat moderate to severe arthritis, degenerative disc disease, herniated or bulging discs, avascular necrosis, and other serious joint issues.

A patient receiving Regenexx-C cultured stem cell therapy.

4. Experience a non-surgical alternative: Some patients are told surgery is their only option, but this isn’t always the case. There are trusted alternatives to orthopedic surgery, including Regenexx-C. Traditional orthopedic surgery uses a scalpel, hardware, or artificial components to remove, suture, or replace injured tissue. Surgery can’t be undone, and there are more potential risks and complications. Regenexx procedures, on the other hand, promote the body’s natural healing mechanisms and the recovery is much quicker. Patients are turning to Regenexx-C as an alternative to rotator cuff surgery, ACL, LCL, MCL, or PCL reconstruction, meniscus repair, discectomies, disc replacement, spinal fusion, UCL tears (Tommy John Surgery), total hip or knee replacement, and other orthopedic surgeries.

5. Use your own stem cells (MSCs): Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are a type of adult stem cell (non-embryonic). They are known for their ability to self-renew and differentiate into other cell types, making them valuable for tissue repair and regeneration. At Regenexx Cayman, we use your own (autologous) MSCs. Other stem cell clinics may use donor cells, which could be rejected if the recipient’s immune system flags them as foreign invaders.

6. Precisely target your problem area: Our physicians create tailored treatment plans, and custom cell doses are prescribed for each injection site. These plans are modified for the patient’s unique orthopedic issues – there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach at Regenexx Cayman. Additionally, all injections are done using image guidance (ultrasound and/or fluoroscopy). This allows the physician to see exactly where they’re injecting cells, so they can precisely target your problem area. Other clinics blindly inject the cells – an approach we like to call “hope injecting.” They inject the cells and “hope” they magically find their way to the damaged area. 

Stem cells in cryopreservation

7. Utilize stem cell storage: With our cultured stem cell treatment, Regenexx-C, many patients still have cells remaining, even after treating multiple areas. Their additional stem cells are stored in our laboratory, which is the biggest cleanroom in the Caribbean! You can take a virtual tour here. For proactive patients, we also offer stem cell storage as a standalone service. A patient’s cells are extracted, grown to much larger numbers, and cryogenically frozen (at -150 Celsius). The stem cell “repair kit” can be used for treatment at any time.

8. Receive treatment from regenerative medicine experts: Our doctors invented orthopedic stem cell treatment in 2005! Additionally, all our physicians are U.S.-based and actively practice in the United States. This sets us apart from other overseas stem cell clinics because they cannot staff U.S. physicians due to local licensing laws. Our physicians are also licensed to practice in the Cayman Islands, so they travel here to offer their patients the world’s most advanced orthopedic stem cell treatment, Regenexx-C. Regenexx practitioners conduct thorough assessments of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, and they perform intricate, image-guided injections. You can learn more about Regenexx Cayman’s visiting physicians here.

9. Review our extensive research and outcome data: Regenexx has published nearly half of the world’s orthopedic stem cell research, including the largest safety study. Regenexx also maintains an active patient registry that tracks patients’ progress, post-procedure. On average, patients report a pain score of only 2.2/10 (3 months after treatment), a functional score of 74% (1 year after treatment), and an overall improvement of 61% (2 years after treatment). Outcome data can be provided for various Regenexx treatments and joints. If interested, please contact our patient care team.

“I had a “stem cell” procedure for my right knee just over a decade ago for early stage osteoarthritis.  It was a tremendous success…. 

I am still pain free today!!”

10. Explore our Luxurious Island: Known for its safety, medical tourism, breathtaking beaches, and for being the culinary capital of the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands recently received a new title, Luxury Destination of the Year, 2024. “…a destination that delivers the height of luxury without the attitude. That means top hotel brands, world-class eateries, unmatched shopping, but where a blazer is never required. It’s the forefront of the new Caribbean luxury.”

From our world-class treatments to our pristine beaches (and everything in between), Regenexx Cayman continues to be a top choice for patients seeking orthopedic stem cell treatment. You can see what our patients are saying here.

If you have any questions about Regenexx Cayman or if you’d like to find out if our advanced PRP or stem cell therapies might be a good option for you, please contact our patient care team by calling our toll-free number at 1-877-211-3834 or emailing [email protected].


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