Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma, also known as PRP, is created by concentrating the platelets in your blood. PRP therapy is commonly used to treat soft tissue injuries, mild arthritis, and spine conditions. At Regenexx Cayman, we use multiple types of platelet and plasma preparations, specific to a patient’s needs. Each procedure consists of a blood draw, lab processing of your blood sample, and then a re-injection of your platelets, which will take place on the same day.

How does Regenexx PRP work?

This concentrated platelet “serum” can be injected into the site of an injury, supplying the area with important growth factors from your blood, to stimulate your body’s natural healing ability. You can think of growth factors like “espresso shots” for local repair cells. We use PRP to treat cartilage, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Why choose Regenexx Cayman PRP?

Regenexx advanced platelet-rich plasma products (Regenexx-SCP and Regenexx-PL) are purer, more targeted, and more potent than normal PRP. In fact, they are up to five times more concentrated than what most practices can achieve with simple bedside centrifuges.

Regenexx’s proprietary lab processing allows us to remove nearly all your white and red blood cells so that what is being injected contains only what your body needs. The difference between Regenexx’s super-concentrated PRP and most other PRP is visible. Standard PRP is reddish in color because it contains a significant number of red blood cells, while Regenexx’ PRP is amber in color. Our research shows that red and white blood cells do not help the healing process and can cause excessive joint inflammation following re-injection.

Having a flexible lab platform allows us to be able to adjust platelet concentration, growth factor and cytokine levels, as well as allowing us to add back or eliminate red or white blood cells. Being able to adjust concentration of platelets in PRP is a critical factor for older patients in particular, as concentration appears key in getting older cells to grow.

What is the difference between Regenexx-SCP, Regenexx-PL, and normal PRP?

Regenexx offers two platelet-rich plasma treatments; Regenexx-SCP (super concentrated platelets) and Regenexx-PL (platelet lysate). Based on a patient’s specific needs, our expert physician can prescribe a treatment using concentrated platelets or purified growth factors derived from a patient’s blood sample.


A superior form of PRP. Standard PRP is created using an automated centrifuge; this can only achieve a certain level of concentration and still contains many red and white blood cells.

From our clinical experience these cells do not help the healing process and may cause excessive joint inflammation following re-injection. Regenexx-SCP on the other hand is produced by a technician in a laboratory environment, where greater care is taken to separate the beneficial platelets into a much purer mixture. Regenexx-SCP works well to treat mild arthritis, small tendon and ligament tears or degeneration, and torn spinal discs.


A highly specialized derivative of PRP. Normal PRP isolates platelets which slowly release growth factors into the site of injury over the course of approximately one week.

But in some cases, we have found that a faster, more intense release of healing factors creates a better response and reduced inflammation. Regenexx-PL is produced by concentrating platelets (as with SCP) but then breaking those platelets open to get the growth factors out all at once and directly into a patient’s plasma. Regenexx-PL works well to treat irritated or pinched spinal nerves, small tendon and ligament tears or degeneration, and damaged peripheral nerves.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy: Next Steps

  1. Send an email to [email protected] or call our patient care team on 1-877-211-3834 (U.S. toll-free), 0-800-041-8772 (U.K. toll-free) or 1-345-943-5900 (Local).
  2. Schedule a consultation with one of Regenexx Cayman’s U.S. board certified physicians.
  3. The physician will thoroughly review your medical history, imaging, and treatment goals.
  4. Schedule your treatment, so you can reduce pain, improve function, and get back to doing what you love.
  5. Receive Regenexx-PL or Regenexx-SCP treatment: a blood draw, followed by a same-day re-injection of your concentrated platelet solution.
  6. International patients receive complimentary transportation to and from the airport, to your Seven Mile Beach location, and to all Regenexx Cayman appointments.
  7. Stay along stunning Seven Mile Beach and receive preferred rates at select hotels.

What’s included in the cost of PRP treatment with Regenexx Cayman?

Regenexx Cayman platelet-rich plasma injections start at US$1,400, but the total cost will depend on your individual treatment plan. As part of your platelet-rich plasma therapy treatment, you will receive:


Regenexx Cayman platelet-rich plasma injections start at US $1,400, but the total cost will depend on your individual treatment plan.

To optimize your outcome, your physician may recommend slight variations on traditional PRP injection treatment, for example, capsular distention treatment (of the hip or shoulder) or A2M treatment. These are priced separately, contact us to find out more.

Regenexx platelet-rich plasma therapy is not covered by insurance; however, some health insurance providers reimburse the cost of the initial consultation. Coverage varies depending on the provider and plan, so we encourage patients to contact their health insurance company directly.

Prior to your treatment, we use local anesthetic to numb your skin. Everyone perceives pain differently, but most patients report the procedure as mildly to moderately uncomfortable. It also depends on your pain tolerance, type of treatment, injection site, and the number of treatment areas. If you are worried about pain, oral medication can be given to help you relax, or conscious sedation can be arranged.

Conscious sedation is a form of anesthesia; whereby, you remain conscious and you continue to breathe without assistance. Note: this is NOT full anesthesia.

These injections are supposed to cause an inflammatory reaction, so you may experience some pain 12-48 hours after a re-injection around the site of treatment. This is a positive sign, which is your body’s response in the healing process.

It is common to experience mild to moderate swelling, which usually begins 1 – 2 days after the re-injection and lasts 3 – 4 days. Depending on the patient, these effects can last for several days to a few weeks, and it gradually decreases. Patients may take Tylenol but are asked to avoid NSAIDs.

Your physician will provide you with specific post-procedure instructions. Generally speaking, you should take it easy for the first 12 hours after your procedure. If you are pain-free and symptom-free, you can slowly test the area with “activity-as-tolerated.”

Many of our patients go back to doing light activities within a week of their treatment. Patients can usually partake in more dynamic exercise 6 to 8 weeks post-procedure. Active patients report being able to push themselves back to their higher levels of activity between weeks 8 to 12.

This will depend on what is being treated. While the effects on joints can be quick, tendon or ligaments often take longer to show results, perhaps up to 2-4 months. But most patients report a modest improvement in the first month, and patients usually notice continuous improvement many months post-procedure. Our outcome data suggests peak functionality at 1-2 years after treatment.

As with all medical procedures, Regenexx procedures have a success and failure rate, and not everyone will experience the same results. For some people, one treatment will provide sufficient results; other patients may see mild to moderate results but wish to have additional treatments in the future to continue improving their outcome.

Regenexx platelet-rich plasma injections can be used on many joint structures. PRP can work well for issues such as mild arthritis, small tears in ligaments and tendons, or in the spine. However, there will be certain times where stem cells or other treatments are recommended instead of platelets. To find out if Regenexx PRP can treat your orthopedic condition, please contact our patient care team.

Am I a candidate for platelet-rich plasma injections?

To find out if you’re a candidate for Regenexx platelet-rich plasma therapy, simply contact us to book treatment a new patient consultation with a Regenexx Cayman physician. During your consultation, the physician will thoroughly review your medical history, imaging, and treatment goals. You will also receive a candidacy rating of good, fair, or poor, so you have a clear understanding of your expected treatment outcome.

Are platelet-rich plasma injections safe?

At Regenexx Cayman, our quality assurance protocols are designed to ensure your growth factors are safe for re-injection. Your safety is our priority. Like all medical procedures and injections, Regenexx PRP treatments carry some low risk of adverse events, however Regenexx physicians and staff take all the necessary precautions during procedures to reduce this risk.

Can I treat more than one joint at the same time with PRP injections?

Yes, you can treat more than one joint at a time. But how many joints or structures it is possible to treat at one time will depend on which joints and structures you want to treat (some require more platelets than others), how much blood can be taken during your blood draw, and the health of your platelets.

How much blood do you need to take for my PRP treatment?

This will depend on your treatment plan i.e. which and how many joints and structures to be treated, your height, weight, and haemoglobin levels. The maximum amount to be taken will be one unit of blood, the same as a blood donation; approximately 400-450ml.

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