Stem cell storage at Regenexx Cayman allows you to cryogenically freeze and store your mesenchymal stem cells at their current biological age. As the exclusive provider of this cutting-edge procedure, patients from around the world travel to Regenexx Cayman for stem cell storage.

Stem cell storage is available as a standalone service, however, please note that Regenexx-C treatment includes stem cell storage and the reinjection cycle. Using proprietary lab techniques, we concentrate and culture-expand your mesenchymal stem cells - yielding up to 100 to 1,000 times more cells. This exponentially increases the number of cells available for future treatment.

How does stem cell storage work?

One of our U.S. board certified physicians will conduct a bone marrow aspiration to extract bone marrow from your hip. Using proprietary lab techniques, our cell biologists then isolate and culture-expand your mesenchymal stem cells, closely monitoring cell health and growth rate. After your cells are expanded and cryopreserved in our state-or-the-art laboratory, a pooled sample of culture media is tested to ensure sterility.
Regenexx Cayman has the biggest cleanroom laboratory in the Caribbean, equipped with state-of-the-art technology that enables us to culture your stem cells and customize your treatment dosage. It is staffed by expert cell biologists and lab technicians to ensure your stem cells are safely preserved and handled with care. Our exclusive culturing process provides you with up to 1,000 times more stem cells than same-day stem cell procedures, exponentially increasing the number of critical repair cells available for future treatment. Your cells are safely stored at our laboratory and available for use at any time.

Why choose Stem Cell Storage?

Stem cell banking is an ideal procedure for proactive patients or if you’re thinking about your future quality of life. It allows you to cryogenically freeze your adult stem cells at their current biological age and provides you with your own stem cell “repair kit” that is available for future orthopedic treatments with Regenexx Cayman.

What’s included in the cost of the Stem Cell Storage procedure?

The stem cell storage procedure costs US $10,500.
  • A medical candidacy review
  • A bone marrow aspiration
  • A blood draw
  • Exclusive stem cell culturing
  • Stem cell quality assurance testing
  • Stem cell storage*
  • Complimentary transportation**
*The first year of stem cell storage is complimentary and subsequent years are US$450 per annum. ** For international patients, complimentary transportation is available to and from the airport, to their Seven Mile Beach accommodation, and to all Regenexx Cayman appointments.

Stem Cell Storage: Next Steps

  1. Send an email to [email protected] or call our patient care team on 1-877-211-3834 (U.S. toll-free), 0-800-041-8772 (U.K. toll-free) or 1-345-943-5900 (Local).

  2. Complete your medical candidacy form, which will be reviewed by one of Regenexx Cayman’s U.S. board certified physicians. This is simply to ensure that you are medically able to have a bone marrow aspiration, as there are some medical history and medication restrictions.

  3. If you are a candidate, schedule your procedure and travel to Regenexx Cayman for your bone marrow aspiration (BMA) procedure.

  4. Stay along stunning Seven Mile Beach and receive special rates with our preferred hotels. Receive complimentary transportation to and from the airport, to your Seven Mile Beach location, and to all Regenexx Cayman clinic appointments.

  5. Your stem cells will be cultured, thoroughly tested for quality assurance, and cryogenically frozen.

  6. Your stem cells will be cryopreserved at our world-class laboratory, available for use at any time.

If you have any questions about stem cell banking, please contact our patient care team.


Where are my stem cells stored?

All sample processing and stem cell storage is completed in a highly controlled laboratory, which meets ISO class 7 criteria and is the largest cleanroom in the Caribbean. Our laboratory air is HEPA-filtered, we maintain stringent standards of sterility for clinical products, we use aseptic technique, and we adhere to strict protective gowning protocols. Your stem cells are safely stored in our state-of-the-art laboratory, and your cells are for your use only – they will not be removed from storage without your permission.

How long do I have to stay in the Cayman Islands for stem cell storage?

Stem cell storage requires one trip to the Cayman Islands, with a minimum two-night stay.

Can someone else use my stored cells?

No, Regenexx Cayman will not use your stem cells to treat another patient or family member. Regenexx only provides autologous stem cell therapy, which means we use a person’s own stem cells for treatment.

How long can I store my stem cells?

You can safely store your cells indefinitely, and they will be available for future treatment. Culture-expanding your stem cells gives a greater cell yield, but it is important to note that you will still have a finite number of stem cells available. Once you have used all your stored stem cells for treatment, another bone marrow aspiration will be required (if you wish to continue storing your cells or have further Regenexx-C treatment).

How much does Stem Cell Storage cost?

The stem cell storage procedure costs US$10,500, which includes one complimentary year of stem cell storage. Subsequent years of storage are US$450 a year.


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