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Here are answers to the most common questions about Regenexx Procedures, your visit, and inquiries about the Cayman Islands. However, if you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

Regenexx Cayman Treatments

What is the difference between platelet-rich plasma (PRP), same-day stem cell, and cultured stem cell injections?

PRP injections are derived from your blood; whereas, same-day stem cells and cultured stem cells are derived from your bone marrow. Same-day stem cells are harvested and re-injected on the same day; whereas, cultured stem cells are harvested, grown to much larger numbers, tested for quality assurance, and then re-injected. Cultured stem cells can also be cryogenically frozen for future treatment. Your Regenexx Cayman physician will review your specific case and recommend the best treatment option for you.

What sets Regenexx Cayman apart from other stem cell clinics?

Treatment: Regenexx Cayman is the exclusive provider of Regenexx-C. Providing up to 1,000 times more stem cells than other procedures, Regenexx-C is the gold standard in stem cell therapy. Boost your body’s natural healing ability with Regenexx-C. This increased cell yield is ideal for those looking to treat more severe conditions, to treat multiple joints, or to their store cells for future treatment.

Transparency: During your initial, one-on-one phone consultation, the physician will provide you with a candidacy rating or good, fair, or poor, so you can understand your expected procedural outcome and decide if Regenexx-C treatment is right for you. Our doctors don’t want to waste your time, and they won’t recommend treatment unless they think it can help you. 

Customized treatment plan: After a thorough review of your MRI images, reports, medical history, and treatment goals, our doctors will tailor your treatment plan to your unique condition. Our cell biologists will also customize your cell dose for your individual needs.

Precision: Our physicians use your MRI images, C-arm fluoroscopy, and ultrasound guidance to ensure they precisely inject the exact structures in your joints that will benefit from stem cell treatment. 

Experience: We are regenerative medicine industry leaders, and we have the most experience carrying out these types of procedures. Our Founder, Dr. Centeno, was the first physician to use stem cell treatment for orthopedic conditions, and to start treating patients at Regenexx Cayman using cultured stem cells. Regenexx has spent decades perfecting its procedures.

Where do the stem cells come from?

Regenexx stem cell treatments are autologous, which means we use your own stem cells. We do not use off-the-shelf products, such as amniotic/cord blood cells, which do not contain any live cells. Regenexx draws bone marrow from your pelvic bone. The bone marrow aspirate is then processed in our lab to concentrate the mesenchymal stem cells and is later used for treatment.

Who will be providing my care?

One of our U.S. board-certified, Regenexx physicians will provide a specific treatment plan and perform all your injections. Our Regenexx Cayman staff, including the nurses, patient care team, radiographers, and drivers, all work together to ensure you receive excellent care.

How long has Regenexx Cayman been doing the Regenexx-C procedure?

Regenexx Cayman has been providing the Regenexx-C, cultured stem cell treatment since 2011.

Why do I have to travel to the Cayman Islands for treatment?

Regenexx Cayman is the only clinic in the world to offer Regenexx-C treatment and Regenexx stem cell banking.

Are Regenexx Cayman procedures FDA approved?

Regenexx Cayman’s same-day stem cell and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) procedures are compliant with FDA Code of Federal Regulations falling under the Title 21 Section 1271. 15(b) regarding human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products.

Regenexx-C is a cultured stem cell procedure, this is not a same-day procedure and therefore does not qualify under FDA Title 21 Section 1271. 15(b). Regenexx-C is only available at Regenexx Cayman, and it is approved for use in the Cayman Islands. 

Regenexx Cayman is regulated by national and international governing health bodies, (including the Cayman Islands Health Practice Commission (HPC), Department of Health Regulatory Services (DHRS), and Ministry of Health.) Regenexx Cayman also complies with The Health Practice Law and all Health Practice regulations. Plus, our laboratory is ICMS and HPC certified.

Are Regenexx Cayman procedures covered by insurance?

No. Regenexx Cayman treatments are not covered by insurance. However, some local, Cayman Islands’ health insurance providers may reimburse the cost of your initial consultation, which means local patients may be able to claim back this cost. Coverage varies depending on the provider and plan, so we encourage patients to contact their health insurance company directly.

Are Regenexx treatments effective?

We track our patient outcomes, so please visit the Regenexx live patient outcome data tool. You can view our average patient results, including post-procedure function, pain, and overall improvement. For both Regenexx stem cell and PRP treatments, you can filter by joint. Regenexx Cayman also regularly compiles Regenexx-C treatment data from this patient registry. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Becoming A Patient

Does Regenexx treat non-orthopedic conditions?

No. Regenexx Cayman does not provide treatment for non-orthopedic conditions. We are proud to be 100% orthopedic-focused.

How many treatments will I need?

For some people, one treatment will provide sufficient results; other patients may see mild to moderate results but wish to have additional treatments in the future to continue improving their outcome. Your Regenexx Cayman physician will discuss how many treatments you may need.

Are there any medication restrictions for treatment?

Through our research and experience, we have found that certain medications may interfere with your stem cell procedure. During your phone review, a Regenexx Cayman doctor will review any medications, supplements, or hormones you take. This is to ensure there are no contradictions. Do not stop any prescribed drug without speaking to a physician.

Am I too old for stem cell therapy or to store my cells?

No, you are never too old for stem cell therapy. Research shows that there is no age limit for stem cell treatment - age does not negatively impact the number of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in adult bone marrow, or stem cell procedure outcomes. 

However, there are other biological and environmental factors that could affect your MSC yield, which could give you fewer cells for treatment. This is why many patients come to Regenexx Cayman for Regenexx-C treatment, as we can grow your stem cells to much greater numbers (up to 1,000 times more than same-day procedures), giving us more to work with, and the chance to treat multiple joints and more severe conditions.

Will I require General Anesthesia?

No, general anesthesia is not required. However, some procedures may require conscious sedation; whereby, you continue to breathe without assistance and typically remain awake, but very sleepy. As a result of this type of sedation, some people may fall asleep naturally. Conscious sedation is administered by a nurse or an anesthesiologist (depending on the procedure).

How do I get started?

To determine if you’re a candidate for Regenexx Cayman treatment, the first step is to schedule a phone review. Please contact our patient care team at 1-877-211-3834 (toll-free in the U.S.). We are happy to answer any of your questions.

I can’t get an MRI, what do I do?

MRI imaging of the problem area is a pre-requisite to booking a phone review; however, we try to accommodate our patients. Please let us know your situation and we will try to assist you. If you cannot have an MRI because you have metal in your body, a CT scan may be recommended instead.

What is the cost of a phone review or consultation?

A phone review, with a Regenexx Cayman physician, starts at US$200. An in-person consultation costs US$450. During the phone review, the physician will review your medical history and imaging, and discuss your treatment goals. (A consultation also includes a diagnostic ultrasound.) The physician will then determine if you are a candidate for treatment, and if so, which Regenexx procedure will yield the best results for you.

How can I improve my chances of a successful outcome?

Before your procedure, Regenexx Cayman will give you a comprehensive patient package, which outlines ways to optimize your outcome through diet, hydration, supplementation, and restricting certain medication. 

Regenexx recommends eating a well-balanced, low glycemic diet (close to a Paleo diet), limiting processed foods and sugar. Prior to your arrival, drink at least two to three liters of water a day, and avoid dehydrating beverages, such as caffeinated products and alcohol, as well as sugary beverages and artificial sweeteners. 

We recommend taking stem cell health supplements, such as Regenexx Turmeric/Curcumin Complex and Regenexx Stem Cell Support Formula. 

Visiting The Cayman Islands

How long do I have to stay in the Cayman Islands?

For Regenexx-C (part 1), or for the stem cell storage procedure, patients are usually in Grand Cayman for a minimum of two nights (arriving one day before their bone marrow aspiration and leaving one day after). For Regenexx-C (part 2), we recommend that patients stay between 3-9 nights, which depends on your specific treatment plan.

Are the Cayman Islands safe?

Yes. The Cayman Islands is safe and has a very low crime rate. It is well-known for its safety and medical tourism industry.

What is the weather like in the Cayman Islands?

The weather is warm year-round, ranging from about 83F in the winter months to 90F in the summer months. There tends to be more rainfall between May and October and a refreshing breeze during December through March.

What is there to do in the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Islands are a great place to discover new beaches, snorkel or go boating with our local stingrays, fish, and turtles, and enjoy some of the delicious culinary delights the island has to offer. For tourists and locals alike, a favorite activity is to take a sunset sail - experience a breathtaking Cayman sunset out on the water. If you’re looking for things to do or places to eat, we recommend checking out websites, such as The Beach and Cayman Good Taste.

What is the best way to travel around the island?

If you are staying along the Seven Mile Beach Corridor, we provide transportation to and from your clinic appointments and the airport. Taxis and public buses are available; however, the most reliable way to travel around is to rent a car.

What is the currency?

The main currency is the Cayman Islands’ dollar, but many local businesses also accept the American dollar, including cash and credit card.

Where do you recommend I stay in the Cayman Islands?

While there are many fantastic places to stay in the Cayman Islands, Regenexx Cayman patients receive special rates at a number of hotels within the Seven Mile Beach area:

Details about the special rates are included in your patient packet. 

For international patients staying within the Seven Mile Beach area, Regenexx Cayman’s drivers provide complimentary airport and appointment transportation.

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